Thomas Hauth
Institut für Experimentelle Kernphysik (EKP)
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Room: 30.21, 9-2 - Campus South
Phone: +49 721 608-43586
Email: Thomas.Hauth (at)
PGP Fingerprint: AC2E FDC6 D8DA DD4C 7905 7E18 0C8B 83B8 7702 5566
PGP Public Key: download
Projects and Contributions
Belle II Experiment
The Belle II Experiment is a particle detector being installed at the SuperKEKB accelerator complex at the KEK laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. It will study the decay of b-meson pairs and probe the standard model of particle physics to a new precision and search for signals of yet unknown physics processes.
At Belle II, I work on the framework for data processing, reconstruction and analysis, track finding algorithms and coordinate the validation group of the collaboration.
CMS Experiment
The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment is a general-purpose particle detector at the LHC accelerator complex at CERN in Geneva/Switzerland. In my diploma thesis, I contributed to the jet energy corrections using Z to mumu decay events and developed the ROCED software to integrate cloud resources into local batch clusters.
As part of my PhD thesis I improved the runtime performance of the CMS track reconstruction and developed a novel GPU implementation of the tracking algorithms. Furthermore, I improved the track reconstruction quality by using a detailed material model of the CMS detector.
GitHub Account
Find my current projects on my public GitHub account.
Artus Framework
Artus is a framework for event-based data processing and analysis. It is written in C++ and uses python/json as configuration language. It can be build inside of the CMS environment using the scram tool or standalone with cmake.
clever Framework
C++ library for easy management of OpenCL compute kernels and memory buffers.
trax GPU Track Reconstruction
Fast particle track reconstruction using OpenCL running on CPUs and GPUs.
vdt - auto-vectorisable mathematical library
VDT provides the most common mathematical functions used in HEP in an open source product. The function implementations are fast, can be inlined, provide an approximate accuracy and are usable in vectorised loops. Their implementation is portable across platforms: x86 and ARM processors, Xeon Phi coprocessors and GPGPUs.
clang Static Analysis
This clang static analysis checkers crawl C/C++ code for constructs which my become problematic when running in multi-threaded mode or do violate coding rules.
Lectures (excerpt)
Workshop lecturer: Parallel Computing
KSETA Topical Courses 2014 Karlsruhe, Germany
Lecture and excercise on CMS tracking link
CMS Data Analysis School 2014 Fermilab, Chicago, United States of America
Workshop lecturer: Multi-threaded Programming
GridKa School 2013Karlsruhe, Germany
Lectures on HEP software development and computing link
ePlanet Exchange Program 2012 UERJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Workshop lecturer: OpenCL on CPU and GPU
GridKa School 2012 Karlsruhe, Germany
Workshop lecturer: Cloud Computing
GridKa School 2010 Karlsruhe, Germany
Publications (excerpt)
New Software Techniques in Particle Physics and Improved Track Reconstruction for the CMS Experiment
Detaillierte Materialsimulation mit Geant4 in der CMS Spurrekonstruktion Detailed material simulation in the CMS track reconstruction
T.Hauth and G.Quast
Speeding up HEP experiment software with a library of fast and auto-vectorisable mathematical functions
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Volume 513 | Track 5
D.Piparo, V.Innocente and T.Hauth
Parallel track reconstruction in CMS using the cellular automaton approach
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Volume 513 | Track 5
D.Funke, T.Hauth, V.Innocente, G.Quast, P.Sanders and D.Schieferdecker
Development and Evaluation of Vectorised and Multi-Core Event Reconstruction Algorithms within the CMS Software Framework
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Volume 396 | Part 5
T.Hauth, V.Innocente and and D.Piparo
Dynamic Extension of a Virtualized Cluster by using Cloud Resources
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Volume 396 | Part 3
O.Oberst, T.Hauth, D.Kernert, S.Riedel and G.Quast
Determination of Jet Energy Calibration and Transverse Momentum Resolution in CMS
CMS Collaboration
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